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Cenforce 150

Products Details
Products Name Cenforce 150
Generic Name Sildenafil 150
Dose 150mg
Manufaturer Centurion Laboratories
Stock Available
EMS Shipping Delivery 8 to 10 days
Regular Shipping Delivery 10 to 15 days

Medicine Details

Containing (Sildenafil Citrate 150mg) Cenforce 150 is 150% stronger than Kamagra Tablets, giving harder erections that last longer! It should be taken 20-30 minutes before physical intercourse activity, with a full glass of water. The effects of Cenforce 150 can last up to 12-18 hours! Strictly to be taken only 1 pill per 24 hours, please avoid taking it after alcohol or fatty foods as it can impair its effect. We at Kamagra Now recommend that a full pill is taken 1-3 hours after a meal for optimal results. Waking up with an erection next morning after taking Cenforce-150 is completely normal.