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Pain-O-Soma 500

Products Details
Products Name Pain-O-Soma 500
Generic Name Carisoprodol
Dose 350mg
Manufaturer Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Stock Available
EMS Shipping Delivery 8 to 10 days
Regular Shipping Delivery 10 to 15 days

Medicine Details

Pain-O-Soma 500mg is an oral tablet formulation that acts on severe pain mitigation associated with musculoskeletal pain. Pain-O-Soma 500mg tablets are so effective due to the generic Carisoprodol that acts central nervous system. Pain-O-Soma 500mg tablets acts directly on the nerves, does not let the brain to sense the pain, as the drug provides muscle relaxation and ease the tendered muscles and relieves the awful experience. Pain-O-Soma 500mg tablets floods the synaptic ends so slow down the pain sensation and provides muscle relaxation.