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Fungal 150

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Products Name Fungal 150
Generic Name Fluconazole
Dose 150mg
Manufaturer Square
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Medicine Details

Acute or recurrent vaginal candidiasis - a single dose of 150 mg. Mucosal candidiasis (except vaginal): 50 mg daily (100 mg daily in unusually difficult infections) given for 7-14 days in oropharyngealcandidiasis ; for 14-30 days in other mucosal infections (e.g. oesophagitis, candiduria). Systemic candidiasis and cryptococcal infections (including meningitis) - 400 mg initially then 200 mg daily, increased if necessary to 400 mg daily ; treatment continued according to response. Child over 1 year - superficial candidal infections, 1-2 mg/kg daily; systemic candidiasis and cryptococcal infections (including meningitis) - 3-6 mg/kg daily (in serious life threatening infections up to 12 mg/kg daily has been given to children aged 5-13 years - max. 400 mg daily).